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Power entry modules with medical filters

Because medical equipment is often operated without a ground on the power lines, leakage currents present a safety risk for the user. The medical filters from SCHURTER are designed for leakage current limits according to IEC/UL 60601-1 / UL544 and allow reliable operation.

Splash-proof power entry modules

For hygienic reasons, medical equipment must be cleaned and disinfected, but in the process no moisture or dirt may be allowed to make its way into the equipment. SCHURTER offers power entry modules according to IEC/UL 60601-1 / UL544 with switches and/or fuse holders. Their openings can be closed and sealing is confirmed according to IP protection classes.

Plug-retention safeguards

When supplying power, protection against accidental pulling of power plugs is crucial to human life. The conventional method of safeguarding plug retention is with cord-retaining brackets, which SCHURTER offers in designs that fit most appliance power sockets.
An attractive and simple alternative is the V-Lock system from SCHURTER: with V-Lock, the power socket is equipped with a pin that interlocks with a special notch in the plug on the power cord and thus reliably prevents the cord from being pulled out unintentionally.


SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of passive und active electronic components ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of equipment.


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